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Professional Auto Repairs

We Will Repair Your Car for Less!

There are literally hundreds of other garages and franchised repairers that can repair your car. We will do it for less money. Cheap Auto Rental specializes in keeping used rental cars on the road safe and dependable without spending a dime more than necessary. 

You can trust us not to sell you parts or repairs that you don't need. We won't lure you with a free safety check or a discounted oil change to score the opportunity to cheat you. With major repairs, such as replacing an engine or transmission, we will help you source your own parts. 

We sell only the most dependable INTERSTATE batteries. If we see something that might cause a problem down the road, we will bring it to your attention. Our preventative maintenance service in the form of fluid and filter changes, timing belt replacements, etc. will protect your investment.
Three of our mechanics are former employees of the Lincoln Mercury Dealership that Cheap Auto Rental spun off, including the lead mechanic. Two of them have extensive factory training.

Our Auto Repair Services 

  • Brakes
  • Front end work
  • Exhaust systems and catalytic converters
  • Used engine and transmission swaps
  • Air-conditioning
  • Minor body work
  • Electrical problems
At Cheap Auto Rental, we won't sell you anything you don't need. What's more? Bring us someone else's written estimate and we will double check it and charge you less.
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today for a FREE estimate on our auto repair service.
Our experienced technicians work hard to exceed your expectations and make sure that you are happy with our work.
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