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First-Class Used Cars Available With Attractive Financing Options

We Happily Offer a 30-Day and 1,500-Mile WARRANTY

When you are looking to buy a used car, think of Cheap Auto Rental! We specialize in selling and financing vehicles in the price range of $1,988 to $4,988.
You can be at ease knowing that we check all our vehicles for safety, including current emission standards. Most of the cars have the "Honest Lew" seal of approval.

Providing Affordable Financing Options Since 1988

Your purchase can be registered on the spot, even if DMV is not open, we are an on-line dealer with them. Your down payment can be as low as $388 plus tax and registration. Payments are usually just $50/week. Cheap Auto Rental offers true Buy Here Pay Here financing with no bank involved. No Credit Check, No Finance Charge. No interest. The only fee you pay is a $200.00 office conveyance fee, one of the lowest in Connecticut.
If, for example, you choose a vehicle priced at $2,488 Your down payment is $698.69; $388 down, $140 for new registration, and $170.69 for sales tax. Then you only have to pay $50/week for 46 weeks!!! 

Our used car inventory is available online at

Put Our Expertise to Work for Your Needs

Our passionate owner Lewis "Honest Lew" Schatten has nearly 40 years of experience in the used car business.
He has never purchased or sold a new car. Lew simply loves used cars and takes home a different one every night. You will save money thanks to our unique insight.

Your Local Source for Inexpensive Vehicles

You will enjoy shopping at a low-pressure sales environment. In fact, we take pride in offering a true "buy here, pay here" financing options.
With no credit check, finance charge, or interest, we will be your best option. Have a verifiable, stable employment within the local area to get qualified.
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